State-of-the-art weighing systems

Industry Division

State-of-the-art weighing systems

Industry Division


Industrial Weighing Products

At Tassinari Bilance, we have always developed industrial products with state-of-the-art weighing systems. All our systems are certified in compliance with current regulations.

We also offer a range of dedicated after-sales and assistance services for each system.

After-sales and support services

TASSINARI BILANCE pays the utmost attention to after-sales service and technical assistance, to ensure that the quality standard of our products is always met.

High competence and rapidity are the main characteristics of our service: we dedicate the same attention and professionalism to maintenance/repair as we do to the production of our systems.

Thanks to a capillary network of authorised service centres distributed throughout Italy, including the islands, our Technical Service is able to intervene promptly, fulfilling all our customers’ needs.

In addition, the HELP DESK service is always available for all needs.

Technical Assistance

  • Prompt service throughout the country, on weighing instruments of all makes and types, always using ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS, state-of-the-art equipment and LAT-certified sample weights.
  • HELP-DESK service by telephone

  • Maintenance

  • PROGRAMMED PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE to maintain the efficiency and value of the systems over time, in order to keep their performance unchanged, reducing the likelihood of sudden breakdowns that would lead to downtime and high repair management costs.
  • Customisable, full-risk service and maintenance contracts.

  • Calibration

    Calibration of both mechanical and electronic weighing instruments, of any make and capacity, using LAT-certified sample weights.

  • Calibration for Quality System control and maintenance
  • Calibration for Quality System, with issuing of test reports and ACCREDIA certificates of the primary weights used, in accordance with ISO audit certifications.

  • Periodic metric verifications

    In compliance with Legislative Decree 93/17, weighing equipment used in commercial relations with third parties (direct sales and/or commercial transactions in general) must undergo periodic inspection every three years and/or following repairs that have led to the removal of seals. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in the application of an administrative penalty of €500.00 to €1500.00 for each scale.
    Thanks to our staff of metrological inspectors enrolled in the network of an accredited body, we can guarantee the PERIODIC VERIFICATION service for weighing instruments up to 120,000 kg capacity, throughout Italy, including the islands.

    Would you like to know more about our after-sales and support services?

    Contact us directly at the specific references below.

    Do you already have a weighing system to ask for assistance?

    To ensure more efficient service, the service request should be regularly formulated by reporting:

    • instrument serial number
    • model of the scale to be repaired
    • nature, even summary, of the fault
    • the name of the contact person to be contacted, with indication of telephone number and email

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