Integrated weighing systems

Medical Division

Integrated weighing systems

Medical Division


Medical products

At 5.9 we have developed a selection of medical products with state-of-the-art weighing technology.

All our products are CERTIFIED in compliance with current regulations and treated with antibacterial paint systems.

We also offer a range of dedicated after-sales and support services for each product.

Rental services


After-sales and support services

Our after-sales service and technical assistance ensures the quality standard of the products over time as at the time of purchase and, above all, guarantees the maintenance of the CE markings to which the device is subjected.
Over time we have created a network of service centres located throughout Italy to meet on time the needs of our customers and establish collaborations with the most important global service, creating an indispensable synergy to comply with the requirements of the new European
Regulation 745/17 .


The calibration of the device is fundamental for its correct functioning and to guarantee the 50gr in every position.
But which one should you choose?

  • Calibration for good functioning for the control and maintenance of the Medical Device
  • Calibration for Quality System with the issuing of test reports in compliance with ISO certification for audits
  • Periodic Metrological Verification in compliance with Ministerial Decree 93/17 for legal metrological competence

  • Warranty seals

    The integrity and restoration of the manufacturer's seals ensures that the CE marking of the medical device is retained and that original spare parts are used.
    The integrity and restoration of the metric seals ensures that the legal measuring value and therefore the CE marking of the weighing system is retained.

    Periodic Metric Verification

    In compliance with M.D. 93/17 for legal metrological competence, subject to the Accredited Body. The Metrological Verification is to be carried out every three years and in case of replacement of the critical component of the weighing system. Failure to comply with the regulations shall entail the application of an administrative sanction from € 500.00 to € 1500.00 for each balance.

    Electrical safety checks

    Safety checks as required by the general safety standards for medical equipment IEC 62-5 - IEC 601-1

    Original spare parts

    Supply of original spare parts for at least 10 years as per current regulations

    On-call repair

    Contact us directly at the number or email address.

    Technical Assistance

  • On-call repair
  • Corrective type activities for calibration or replacement of faulty parts
  • Ordinary type preventive maintenance activities in efficiency of the medical device (as per user manual)
  • Technical assistance contract including preventive maintenance with full risk formula
  • Technical assistance contract with stock account formula
  • Recovery of scales chairs with new upholstery

  • Would you like to know more about our after-sales and support services?

    Contact us directly at the specific references below.

    Do you already have a weighing system to ask for assistance?

    To ensure greater service efficiency, the request for service should be regularly made by your technical department/clinical engineering. On such a request it should be kindly stated:
    instrument serial number
    model to be repaired
    nature, even summary, of the fault
    the name of the departmental contact person to be contacted, including telephone number, for all final arrangements regarding the inspection
    We will provide for the dispatch of our specialized technical staff for the ‘workmanlike execution of the intervention. The performance of technical assistance will be agreed upon according to your specific needs.
    At the conclusion of the intervention will be issued regular certificate of ‘intervention completed and signed by both parties.

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