Maintenance and Service

After-sales and support services

In 5.9 we take great care of the services of after-sales and technical support , to ensure over time compliance with the quality standard of our products.

We have built up over time a network of service centers located throughout Italy , fulfilling all the needs of our customers.

High competence and celerity are the main features of our service: we devote the same attention to maintenance as to its manufacture.

The Technical Assistance Centers (CAT) authorized are located in the various regions of Italy including the islands, and there is always an active HELP DESK for all kinds of needs.


  • Simple/ good functioning calibration for checking the proper maintenance of the Medical Device
  • Taratura per sistema qualità con il rilascio dei rapporti di prova per conformità ISO
  • Periodic metric verification up to 100% of the flow rate in accordance with M.D. 93/17

  • Maintenance

  • On-call repair
  • Corrective activities for calibration or replacement of failed parts
  • Routine preventive maintenance activities to maintain the efficiency of the Medical Device (as per the user manual)
  • Technical service contract including preventive maintenance with full risk formula
  • Technical assistance contract with stock account formula
  • Refurbishing of balance armchairs with new upholstery

  • Technical Assistance

  • Technical support services and instrument failure repair
  • Servizio di aiuto immediato dalla sede gratuito

  • Periodic verification

    Electrical safety checks as per general safety standards for electromedical equipment CEI 62-5 - IEC 601-1


    Safety checks as required by the general safety standards for electromedical equipment CEI 62-5 - IEC 601-1

    Original Parts

    Supply of original spare parts for at least 10 years as per current regulations

    For After Sales and Support services you can contact us directly at the specific references.

    To ensure greater service efficiency, the service request should be regularly Formulated by your technical department/clinical engineering. Ssuch request should be kindly indicated:

    The name of the departmental contact person to be contacted, including telephone number, for all final arrangements regarding the inspection The performance of technical assistance will be agreed upon according to your specific needs.
    At the conclusion of the intervention will be issued regular certificate of ‘intervention completed and signed by both parties.

    The information on these pages is intended for medical/health professionals.