Calibration assistance: the importance of periodic metric verification

Support signed 5.9 Tassinari Scales also includes verification of the calibration of our sanitary devices. Let’s find out the importance of this service.

Since 2017, periodic verification for measuring instruments in healthcare has become mandatory. For non-automatic instruments such as Beds/ Armchairs Scales, People Weighing, Infant Weighing, the verification should be done every three years, or whenever a scale component is repaired or replaced.

How is the Periodic Verification performed?

The authorized inspector (Accredia-accredited Inspection Body) checks the proper operation of the instrument and performs weighing tests up to the maximum capacity. At the end of the verification it issues a certificate of successful verification and in the case of the first verification it issues the motrological booklet.

5.9 Can Tassinari Scales perform the Periodic Verification?

The Inspection Body instructs us to carry out the Periodic Inspection. The outcome of the verification will be forwarded to the Chamber of Commerce of territorial competence and we will issue certificates of successful verification.

Periodic metric verification of chairs and scale beds is an essential practice to ensure the safety and comfort of the people who use them. These devices are critical to the health and well-being of many people, and regular maintenance can prevent potentially dangerous problems.

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