Ecomondo 2023: November 7 to 10

5.9 Tassinari Bilance from Nov. 7-10, 2023 will be at the Rimini Expo Centre for Ecomondo, where firms and companies present their commitment to ecological innovation.


Ecomondo is the leading international event for industrial technologies, services and solutions in the green and circular economy sectors. A space open to debate, discovery of new resources and free innovation. For years, Ecomondo has been a focal point for companies that are engaged in the round and radically embedded in the local area and social fabric.

Our presence

We very much mirror this philosophy, so Ecomondo is a must-attend event for us. We are ready to present all our innovations in the industrial field, our precision technologies suitable for every sector, from crushers to commercial operations.

We believe that engaging in proper and regulated waste disposal is one of the main solutions to a healthier world. Our weighbridges facilitate waste collection, disposal, recovery and recycling procedures. With both Floor-Wire and Above-Floor models, weighing procedures for trucks and trucks destined for storage are fast, convenient and always accurate.

Preview our products featured at Ecomondo, click here for more information on current promotions.

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