Ecomondo 2023: November 7 to 10

5.9 Tassinari Bilance from Nov. 7-10, 2023 will be at the Rimini Expo Centre for Ecomondo, where firms and companies present their commitment to ecological innovation. Ecomondo Ecomondo is the leading international event for industrial technologies, services and solutions in the green and circular economy sectors. A space open to debate, discovery of new resources […]

Calibration assistance: the importance of periodic metric verification

Support signed 5.9 Tassinari Scales also includes verification of the calibration of our sanitary devices. Let’s find out the importance of this service. Since 2017, periodic verification for measuring instruments in healthcare has become mandatory. For non-automatic instruments such as Beds/ Armchairs Scales, People Weighing, Infant Weighing, the verification should be done […]